International Review for Social Sciences

Guidelines for Manuscripts

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General Requirements

- Language: English.
- Length: Maximum 25 pages (1½ line spacing), approx. 12.000 words
- Authors' name(s) to be indicated below the paper title, with an * for a footnote giving title(s), full affiliation(s), and address(es) including email addresses.
- A Summary in English, of ½ page at most.
- Figures: original format to be submitted either in a separate file (Word, rtf, jpeg, Excel, and Powerpoint are all acceptable) or embedded in the text.
- Alphabetical list of references (bibliography)at the end with full details.
- The presentation must be as follows:
- Books: Baumol, William J. and Wallace E. Oates (1988). The Theory of Environmental Policy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
- Articles: Weitzman, Martin L. (1974). Prices vs. Quantities, Review of Economic Studies. 41: 477-499.
- Articles from Books: Borcherding, Thomas E., Werner W. Pommerehne and Friedrich F. Schneider (1990). Comparing the Efficiency of Private and Public Production, in: Samuel H. Baker and Catherine S. Elliot (eds.), Readings in Public Sector Economics. Lexington (Mass.): D.C. Heath and Company: 397-413.
- Reference in the text: Downs (1987, p. 123) states '...' (single quotation marks).


- Footnote numbers should follow on throughout the manuscript. They should be indicated in the text: xxx¹, and enumerated thus: 1. xxx.
- Headings: Main Headings with Roman numerals (I., II., ...) and in CAPITALS (not bold); Sub-headings with Arabic numerals (1., 2., ...) and in italics
- Expressions foreign to the language of the article should be in italics.
- Equations to be numbered on the right-hand side, near the margin, (1), (2), etc.
- Please use as few abbreviations as possible.
- Carefully check all citations: the editorial staff is not responsible for the accuracy of the bibliographical references.
- Text and summaries should be sent as an unencoded e-mail attachment (Word format; figures separately or embedded in the original format).
If you do not have e-mail, please use a PC compatible disk in MS Word format along with three paper copies. If Word is not available, the rich text format (.rtf) can be used. The disk should be labelled with title and name of the author(s).

Submission Procedure

To submit your paper, simply attach it as a Word document to an email and send this to
In the event that you do not receive an acknowledgment from us within one working week, convert your paper to a pdf and upload this using the link below. Please be sure to enter all the information requested.
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